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Hey Fabulous You!


Welcome to my site. As with everything I do, this site is outside of the box and a “mixed bag” – a fabulously mixed bag :) Our Store will feature designers from all over the world, lifestyle products, cosmetics, jewelry, handbags, accessories and even some super special art pieces that I have fallen in love with. The common denominator is that every item is fabulous, glamorous, unique, and something I would purchase myself.


My newest endeavor “THE JOURNEY” is an International Fashion Festival for designers from all over the world. We will also have a web platform featuring those designers where you can purchase their collections. In addition we have an Agency, Pink Pirate Agency, representing the above mentioned. The show will be an unbelievable, visual journey, with performance elements that are destined to surprise even the most jaded fashion critique.


For those of you who love browsing through photos and videos, we have a whole area for you that will be updated constantly. Past, present and future for your viewing pleasure. A blog to keep updated and a store to browse, designer interviews and much more is coming your way.


So much amazing stuff is happening, and I am so excited to share it all with you! Remember... She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten!


With Love and Glitter,

Malena Belafonte

Malena Belafonte is a singer, dancer, producer, model, writer and entrepreneur based in NY. She started her modeling career in Paris with famed Danish Photographer Gunnar Larsen.  Signed to Wilhelmina Models in NY Malena worked for the likes of Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Manolo Blahnik and Lancome. She appeared in numerous commercials, music videos, TV series, talk shows and movies and established multiply companies.  


Malena spent most of her childhood performing with her parents, professor at the Royal Music Conservatory, Irmgard Knopf Mathiesen and composer and conductor of Concentus Musicus Aksel H. Mathiesen whom she also recorded with. She has worked with artists like Kool and the Gang, Carole King, Jean Beauvoir, Harry Belafonte and Ulrik Cold. She was signed with Sony Records, Edel Records, represented by the William Morris agency and had a publishing contract with Warner/Chappell. She co-founded the Magazine Top Model, wrote a weekly column and had her first nationally published story as a teenager. She released several records and toured with her band Wilhelmina as well as others. Malena Belafonte continued her full time modeling career doing shows and campaigns all over the world but when others met up for drinks after a shoot or a show, Malena felt the need to establish a production company that could take advantage of all the experience and relationships she was developing. She started a production company doing documentaries, writing stories, and consulted where ever she ended up and when she had a free moment. This need to always be on the go, create new projects and find a new way to fill a void, is apparent in everything Malena Belafonte puts her stamp on. During her first pregnancy she created a cosmetics company, during her second pregnancy she released a Perfume benefiting The Refugee Foundation.


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