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Malena Belafonte won the thriller finale of Dancing with the Stars

Amazing Silas Holst defied serious injury and LED photo model to the top.

Sunday, March 10, 2013 - by Preben Petersen


The whole week has seen deteriorating with Malena Belafonte and Silas Holst's winning chances in Dancing with the Stars. Silas got a serious back injury in Monday before the final, and Wednesday culminated damage with a trip to the emergency room, where staff had to put a blockade of the dancer could possibly continue the training. 

In the evening's finale was Silas again treated by a doctor, and he bit pain and gave everything for his dance partner. The result was that Malena Belafonte made ​​his dream fulfilled and went home with the trophy. 

Everything was decided by viewers as the judges awarded maximum points for both Malena and Silas and final opponents Casper Elgaard and Vickie Jo Ringgaard. 12 10s for each pair was it from the extremely enthusiastic judges. 

Maybe it was crucial that Malena and Silas free styled through a fine cabaret number while Casper and Vickie Jo had chosen a bit more jovial freestyle theme of fast cars and air guitar

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